Orlando Area Weather

"Orlando is summer all year long"

"The Sunshine State"

December-February have the most pleasant temperatures, but the nights can get quite cold.

November to April are the dry months with the least rainfall.

May to October see more rain, but this usually comes in the evenings after a hot sunny day.

August and September have the most dramatic storms but, again, mostly confined to the evenings, leaving the days free and sunny to enjoy the attractions.

Monthly Average Highs

January 71°F / 22°C   July 92°F / 33°C
February 74°F / 23°C   August 92°F / 33°C
March 78°F / 26°C   September 90°F / 32°C
April 83°F / 28°C   October 85°F / 29°C
May 88°F / 31°C   November 79°F / 26°C
June 91°F / 33°C   December 73°F / 23°C